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visa and custom formalities

Ritco ToursForeign nationals desirous of visiting India can obtain their visa from the Indian Mission in the country of their residence. Visa is granted to nationals with a valid national passport. Visas are issued in different categories like tourist visa, student visa, employment visa etc.

Visa Formalities
It is mandatory to obtain a Registration certificate and Residential Permit if the visa for a stay in India is more than 180 days. The certificate needs to be obtained from the nearest Foreigner’s Registration Office within 15 days of arrival. It is worth mentionable that all persons including Indian nationals are required to fill in a Disembarkation Card at the time of arrival. Four photographs are also required for registration. All Foreign nationals who register at the Foreigner’s Registration Office must report any change of address during their stay in India.

Foreign nationals who depart after a stay in India shall be required to surrender their Certificate of Registration either at the Registration Office of the place where he/ she is registered or of the place from where he/ she intends to depart or to the Immigration Officer at the Port / Check post of exit from India. They shall also be required to fill in an Embarkation Card at the time of departure.

Customs formalities
Ritco ToursTourists coming to India shall be required to make an oral baggage declaration in respect of baggage and foreign currency in their possession.However, tourists who are in possession of currency amounting to US$ 10,000 or in excess of that in the form of travelers’ checks, bank notes or currency notes shall be required to obtain a Currency Declaration Form from the customs authorities. Customs clearance has been divided into two categories - Green channel and Red channel. Green Channel clearance is for those passengers not in possession of any dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage. Red Channel clearance is for passengers with dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage or high value articles to be entered on the Tourist Baggage.

Health Regulations
Foreign nationals are not required to take any vaccination to travel to India. However, foreign nationals who originate or travel through Yellow
Fever endemic countries should be in possession of a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate conforming to International health Regulations.

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