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travel tips

Indian Standard Time (IST)
Ritco ToursIST = GMT + 5 1/2 hours.
The standard time for India is calculated from Allahabad and is common to all cities i.e. only one time zone for India.

Travelling Tips
India has a well established infrastructure for traveling purposes. The transport and the range of hotels are exclusively developed to cater to the outstanding influx of tourists, both domestic and foreign. Taxis (cabs)/Auto Rickshaw (3 wheeler)/men-pulled Rickshaws/buses are available to roam around and travel. It is advised to go for authorized and buses. Opting for tour packages that arrange for your accommodation, transport, food and so on, is the best option to avoid the hassles of traveling. And try not to leave your luggage, briefcase or other items unattended in public places.

Train Journey
Indian Railways have various categories and classes ranging from luxury to A/C class to general class. Luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Heritage on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey and so on are tourism specific trains that come with their specific itineraries, designed exclusively to show-case the grandeur of India's legendary past. Toy trains like the Shimla Toy Train and the Darjeeling Toy Train are for adventure escapades and a very close encounter with nature at its unattended best.

For commutation purposes, Rajdhani and Shatabdi are the trusted names that are connected to all mojor cities of India. Delhi, the capital is the best launchpad to travel to any destination in India.Ritco Tours
(see our train travel in India section for more information)

Other Essential Information
What to Take ? Travel light, for you will find just about everything in the Indian markets - imported or Indian. Other than sophisticated electronic items, shopping here would be way lesser than markets abroad.

What to Wear (Clothes) ? In Summer - light cottons and in winters heavy woolens. But then, it all depends on your tour itinerary, as Indian climate is as diverse as its landscape. Generally high altitude destinations remain a veritable tourist destination throughout the year, expect for severe winters, when the mercury tends to fall below 0 degree Celsius at times. The coastal areas, laced with beached are pleasurable jaunts as the temperature seldom falls below 20 degree Celsius.

Email/Internet : More than one found in every turn of the street in metros and in small towns at least one can be spotted in every locality. The same goes for STD/ISD booths, which however are spotted more frequently.

Other Essential Travelling Tips
It is advised to carry copies of your passport, travel visas, airline tickets and travel documents with you, while the originals can be tucked in separately.

An International Driving Licence for identification, which can be obtained through the automobile association, will be helpful even if you are not driving.

Health Care : Ritco ToursConsider purchasing special international health insurance and medical evaluation plan programmes. Pharmacies or chemists abound. In case you need to see a doctor, ask for assistance from your hotel (most have doctors on call) or your tour operator.

What to Eat & Drink ? Go for packaged and bottled water from known brands like - Bisleri, Kinley, Aqua Fina, Himalaya, etc. (check the seal). Avoid uncovered foods from street vendors.

Money Matters
Official currency changers abound. Just keep the currency exchange receipts after each transaction as you will need them for re-exchange on departure. It is always safe to keep your money in safe deposits and use ATM cards.

Men : Don't carry a traditional wallet with you, the kind you put in your pocket (front or back).

Women : Avoid keeping valuables in a purse, which can be easily snatched off your shoulder.Consider using an "interior wallet", the kind that is either fastened around your neck, draped from a belt loop or worn, with a velcro fastener, around the calf.

Voltage Used
Ritco Tours The voltage used hare is 220 volts (the U.S. uses 120 volts). You can purchase a converter at most hardware stores for appliances that do not switch to 220V.

Credit Cards
All major Credit Cards, viz. American Express, Master Card, Visa and Diners Club credit cards are accepted by large establishments including hotels, shops, and airlines.

Miscellaneous Items
Do carry sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.

Respect the Religious Places
Some places of worship require visitors to observe a decent dress code or leave shoes outside.

Tipping is a matter of personal discretion. Although bills normally include a service charge, satisfied tourists mostly leave a tip for the attendants.

Photography in India
Except for some particular places like places of military importance, railway stations, cinema halls, bridges, airports and so on, your can take up a photography spree just anywhere. India has a lot to still in your camera you will teasure forever.

Whom to Contact During Trouble
If ever you land in trouble, contact your Embassy and nearest Police Station (dial 100).

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