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Ritco ToursThe tiny island of Sri Lanka is located to India's south in the Indian Ocean. It is said that since the pre-historic period, India and Sri Lanka share very close cultural links. Sri Lanka is only a few kilometers away by sea from India's southernmost tip. Popularly called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers great diversity to tourists. Picturesque beaches and hill stations, jungle safaris, water and adventure sports, religious institutions and ancient ruins, all add to the beauty of the place.

How To Reach ?
» Flights : Sri Lanka can be reached only by air. Colombo is the international gateway for direct flights from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. Indian tourists can board flights from Chennai, Trichy, Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai.

» Getting Around : There are interstate and inter-city buses and trains which runs between the major cities of the country. Hence, transportation is not a problem here. Flights are also available between few major cities.

When To Visit ?
March-May and September-December are the best time to visit this tropical paradise.

Where To Stay ?
Hotels in all categories are available in all the major tourist destinations of Sri Lanka like Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Sigiriya.

What To Do ?
» Sightseeing : The main tourist places of Sri Lanka are Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Anuradhapura, Hikkaduwa and Sigiriya. This tropical paradise is also home to several alluring beaches that dots its coastal line.

Ritco Tours» Shopping : The best buys of Sri Lanka are interestingly beverages and spices. Sri Lankan tea is gaining popularity all over the world. Pickles and spices of the country are also in the shopping list of tourists.

» Eating-Out : Rice and curry is Sri Lankan staple and therefore, dishes like Biriyani and Pulao are very popular. Prepared with lots of delicious spices, the dishes are particularly loved by foreign tourists.

What To See ?
» Colombo : The capital city of Sri Lanka may be noisy and crowded as compared to other parts of the island, but stores many delights for tourists. These include many big and small Buddhist temples, a few Hindu temples, mosques and Christian churches. The Parliament building of the country is also worth a visit. There also are well laid out parks, a zoo, museums and art galleries. The century-old Clock Tower and some of the British colonial buildings attract tourists in large numbers. Anuradhapura: The Sinhalese Kings of Sri Lanka had ruled from this place for over 1000 years. It was the first capital of Sri Lanka. The Sacred Bo-Tree, grown from the tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment, is the city's holiest site. The Thuparama Dagoba temple of Anuradhapura is visited by Buddhists in large numbers as it is believed to contain collar bones of Lord Buddha.

» Galle : The port of Galle stores many of the legacies of Dutch, who had ruled Sri Lanka in the past. The Dutch Fort of the place built in 1663 is a massive structure that houses museums and churches. The New Oriental Hotel, built for Dutch governors in 1684, is an architectural delight.Galle also has some of the finest beaches of Sri Lanka like Unuwatuna, Weligama and Tangalla beach.

» Hikkaduwa : Hikkaduwa is the most famous beach resort of Sri Lanka.The place also has great accommodation for tourists. Various kinds of activities like swimming, sunbathing, surfing and scuba diving take place in the beaches. There are also plenty of shops selling local attractions, gorgeous restaurants and a small Buddhist temple. The place remains full of foreign tourists for most part of the year.

Ritco Tours» Kandy : Just as Hikkaduwa is the most popular beach resort of the country, Kandy is the most popular hill station. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, a beautiful lake also flows through Kandy. The buildings of Kandy have a distinctive architectural character and there are many old shops, buses, markets and hotels in the place. The island nation of Sri Lanka has great geographical diversity. This is probably is one of the reasons for attracting tourists in large numbers.

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