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shopping in india

Ritco ToursIndia can be a shopaholic's paradise! A vast country with 28 states and 7 Union territories, India has products unique to every state and at times, even small town and cities. Take the example of the handicraft products, which are so variegated that one is actually left wondering - are they all from one nation? Actually, the materials used and the designs are largely influenced by the tradition and the raw materials available. And India being a deluge of opposites when it comes to its geography and climatic conditions, each region offers exclusive souvenirs to carry back home. A brief overview will help deciding what to shop....

Jammu and Kashmir
Kashmir is famous for pure woolen items like sweaters, shawls etc. Carpets of the place are also in great demand.

Himachal Pradesh
Woolen items belonging to the hill stations of Himachal are also very popular. Tibetan handicraft items in places like Dharamshala are also worth buying.

Ritco ToursTourists have a wide range of arts and crafts to pick from in Rajasthan. The gems and stone studded handiworks are exquisite. The textiles and fabrics of the state with silver or gold threads settings and complimented with the variety of silk-threads are also among the popular buys of Rajasthan.The leather products, Jodhpuri jooties, Makrana marble items, the Jaipur quilt, the tie-and-dye style used on fabrics are exclusive Rajasthani innovation.

Uttar Pradesh
The hand-knitted woollen carpets of Bhadoi and Mirzapur, delicate chikan work of Lucknow, terracotta of Gorakhpur, wood carvings of Saharanpur, brass ware of Moradabad, glassware of Firozabad and hand printing works of Farrukhabad are among the best buys of the state.


Be it the silver work of Cuttack, coloured wall hangings of Pipli, the intricate paintings of Raghurajpur or the glorious hand woven fabrics of Sambalpur, Orissa is a state that has plenty of shopping attractions for tourists.

North Eastern States
The handicraft and handloom products of the region are popular shopping items. Products of bamboo and cane are decoruously carved into furnitures, jewellery, utensils, show-pieces, masks and what not. Assam silk sarees or their traditional mekhela-sador (a two-piece sari draped in a different manner) are expensive but too gorgeous to restrain yourself from picking your piece.


Ritco ToursThe artisans of Goa are very good at making showpieces out of natural stuff like coconut husk or palm leaves. They are also experts at wooden articles. Goan crafts have their own distinct stamp of identity.

Kerala has lots to offer to tourists having a flair for shopping. Hand woven clothes, sea shell products and metal works of Kerala are internationally acclaimed. The high quality coir products like carpets, mattresses etc. are tourist favorite buys.

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu offers a wide variety of traditional and trendy merchandise such as carvings on brass, stone, wood and ivory, leather bikinis, bags and shoes. To cite a few examples, Tirunellveli is popular for pattamara mats, Tanjavur for metal works, Kumbakonam for bronze and brass castings while Kanchipuram for items of silk.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Get some sea shell craft items from here. The sea shell crafts of this place are a unique piece of art, worth buying to decorate your drawing room.

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West Bengal

The cotton sarees of Bengal are must-buy. Also available are silk sarees with beautiful traditional patterns. There are batik print fabric, Bengali styled kurtas in various prints and style (for both men & women), Shantiniketan leathers bags and and other good quality leather items that tourists load their bags at the shopping spree in Bengal.

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