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A Rendezvous With Rishikesh ?
Ritco ToursSituated 24 kms from Haridwar, is the holy land of Rishikesh. Rishikesh, the gateway to Himalayas, is considered as the Mecca for Yoga and Meditation centers. It is nestled in the Tehri-Garhwal region of Uttranchal with natural splendor. The spectacle of the Ganga rushing through the Himalayan foothills is an awesome sight. Several temples dot the banks of the Ganga at Rishikesh. Famous as a Hindu pilgrimage, Rishikesh is located at a height of about 1360 feet above the sea level. It is believed that several yogis and sages lived and practiced penance here. Apart from having religious significant, Rishikesh is also famous as an adventure sports destination. For people who love adventure sports like river rafting, yatching, kayaking, canoeing and trekking, Rishikesh is a heaven.

Things You Can Do in Rishikesh ?
» Sightseeing : Rishikesh has an abundance of tourist attractions. You will find temple at every step you take. The spiritual ambiance of this town soothes one's body, mind and soul, refreshing one completely. Rishikesh is also Gateway to the Chaardham.

» Shopping : When in Rishikesh, you can buy handicraft items made of shells, beads, pearls. You can also buy Sarees, kurtas, sheets and rugs from government approved U.P hand loom shop, Khadi Bhandar, Garhwal wool and craft shop etc.

» Eating Out : One can taste exotic north Indian dishes at Rishikesh. There are many vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants here. But consumption of non- vegetarian dishes prohibits visit to some places, so be careful while consuming them. Apart from these enjoy some north Indian junk food also, like Samosa, Chat etc.

» Adventure Sports : You love challenging the rushing waters in the roaring rivers? Then come to Rishikesh and try some river rafting here. You can enjoy almost all the levels of river rafting in this Mecca of Yoga and Meditation. White Water Rafting : Rafting is truly a challenge in this part of the world. The violent rivers, fed by countless streams are challenging and tortuous with cutting devouring gorges are perfect for the lovers of extreme adventurous sports.

» Practice Yoga & Meditation : Looking for Yoga & Meditation classes? then you have reached the right place. This capital of Yoga & Meditation houses numerous world class Yoga & Meditation centers, which are worth visiting.

Sightseeing in Rishikesh ?
Ritco Tours» Bharat Mandir : It is the oldest temple in Rishikesh. The image installed here has a distinctly Himalayan cast of features. Though the temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu, it holds a number of image normally associated with the worship of Lord Shiva.

» Raghunath Mandir and Triveni Ghat : It is one of the most important places for religious ceremonies in Rishikesh. It is believed that the Ganga is joined here by the Yamuna and the Saraswati Rivers. Geographically, however, the Yamuna joins the Ganga in Allahabad. The dusk Aarti on the Triveni Ghat is most impressive.

» Lakshman Jhula : The bridge has been a major attraction among the tourists to Rishikesh. The suspension iron bridge Lakshman Jhula was build in 1929. This is where Rama's brother Lakshaman is said to have crossed the river on a jute rope. One can enjoy the spectacular surroundings and the cool breeze from the river while standing on the bridge.

» Ram Jhula : Another suspended bridge close to Lakshman Juhla is the Ram Jhula. This suspended bridge was recently build between Shivanand Ashram and Sawarg Ashram. It is similar to the Lakshman Jhula. Ram Juhla is also known as Shivanand Jhula.

» Yoga & Meditation Centres : There are many important ashrams in Rishikesh. Most ashrams are centers for spiritual studies which also calls for Physical disciplines. Some ashrams, however, are monasteries. Among the better known ashrams are :- Paremarth Niketan, Sivanand Ashram, Yoga Niketan, Omkaranand Ashram, Vanprastha Ashram, Ved Niketan, Dayanand Vedanta Ashram, Vanmali Gita Yogashram, Shankaracharya Nagar Transcendental Meditatation Centre, Vithal Ashram and Yoga Study Center.

Excursions from Rishikesh ?
Ritco ToursRishikesh, the land of divinity and peace extends its charm to its nearby areas also, which are equally pleasing. Some of the important places are Dehradun, Mussorie, Kedarnath and Haridwar. Dehradun is a worth visiting place, amidst abundant natural resources, Dehradun is a place with attractions like - old pilgrim centre of Galtaji Temples, pavilions and scared natural springs and reservoirs, small temple of the Sun god and many more to fit into this place. Haridwar is another important Hindu pilgrimage, located on the foot hills of Shivaliks, it is the gateway to the four pilgrimages in the Uttrakhand region.

Most Ideal Time to Visit Rishikesh ?
Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh has a moderate climate for most part of the year. In summers the temperature can go beyond 40° C but winters are pleasant, and occasionally nights can get chilly. One can visit Rishikesh any time of the year, but its better to plan your tour between September & November, as this is the most ideal time for all visitors.

Getting There ?
» By Air : The nearest airport is Dehradun, 35 kms from Haridwar, which is connected to Rishikesh by train. However, air is not the preferred mode of transport for getting into the town. You can hire a bus or taxi from here to reach Rishikesh.

» By Rail : There is a slow shuttle train between Haridwar and Rishikesh. Haridwar (24 km) connects Rishikesh to Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Dehradun and other cities of India by trains. It is better to get to Haridwar by Dehradun Shatabdi and then hire a bus or taxi to Rishikesh.

» By Road : To get to Rishikesh, take the National Highway 58 passing through Modinagar, Khatauli, Muzzafarnagar, Roorkee, Haridwar and Raiwala. Rishikesh is served by well defined road networks and is connected by buses to other towns of Garhwal, UP and Delhi, which are further connected to other major cities of India by road. Some important road distances from Rishikesh are - Badrinath 301 kms. Delhi 224 kms. Dehradun 43 kms. Kedarnath 228 kms. Gangotri 258 kms Yamunotri 288 kms. and Uttarkashi 154 kms.

» Private Vehicles : You can contact us for this, as we are well established with an extensive number of cars and coaches (ranging from luxury to budget and between) for the tourists from all over.

Anchoring in Rishikesh ?
Ritco ToursThe religious town of Rishikesh, is filled with attractions that are enchanting and enticing. The city is a hub of yoga and meditation centers. It is also strewn with wonderful temples with divine serenity. Famous as a Hindu pilgrimage, it is also home to many Sadhus, Yogis and priests who can assist you in offering a prayer or performing a pooja.

To reach Rishikesh from the airport or the railway station, you will have to hire an auto rickshaw, taxi or any other private vehicle. Road route is the most ideal way to reach Rishikesh.

So, to make your tour fully enjoyable and hassle free, book with us and travel comfortably. We have a host of vehicles that offer personalized services, making your trip memorable.

Accommodations ?
Accommodation is easily available in Rishikesh, since it is a popular tourist destination. It has various hotels ranging between luxury and budget, offering good facilities. So, just pick one of them of your choice.

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