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A Rendezvous With
Ritco ToursLeh, the headquarters of Ladakh district, nestles amidst the snow capped hills of the Himalayas and is famous as the center of Tibeto-Buddhist culture and study. This mesmerising place is strewn with colorful gompas which are thronged by the Buddhist devotees from all across the globe. Besides being a Buddhist center, Leh is renowned for adventure sports like hiking, trekking, river rafting (at the Zanskar river), polo and archery. One should not miss out the soul cleaning meditation at the Mahabodhi Meditation center.

Things You Can Do in Leh
» Sightseeing : This cold desert has majestic sights for its visitors. Besides, there are numerous prime attractions in Leh like - Leh Palace, monasteries and stupas.

» Shopping : For regular shopping, Leh has several markets. The local handicrafts and clothes are very popular among tourists.

» Adventure Sport : One can engage oneself in trekking and hiking, as Leh has some very popular trekking and hiking destination. The picturesque surroundings will make the treks absolutely fantastic.

Sightseeing in Leh
» Leh Palace : Leh Palace is one of the major attractions of the place. The palace was built in the 17th century. It was the home of the royal family till 1830s. Above the palace, at the top of the Namgyal hill is Victory Tower which was built to commemorate Ladakh's victory over the Balti Kashmir armies.

» Namgyal Tsemo Gompa : Built in 1430, the Gompa contains a three-story high Buddha image. There are also many ancient manuscripts preserved at the place.

» Sankar Gompa : The Sankar Gompa belongs to the Gelukpa order and has an impressive impression of the Buddhist deity Avalokiteshwara Padmahari or Chenresig. The deity has 1,000 arms and equal number of heads.

» Shanti Stupa : This stupa was built by a Japanese order. The inauguration was done by Dalai Lama in 1985. From the place, a breathtaking view of Leh is available. It is worth mentionable that Leh is also a popular hiking destination. Many hiking expeditions are organised from time to time in Leh.

Excursion from Leh
Ritco ToursIf you have extra time with you can cover certain unbelievably beautiful destinations around Leh. The two most recommended places are Suru valley and Kargil. So, add thrill to your visit and let it fill your memory with colours of joy and ecstasy.

Most Ideal Time to Visit Leh
Leh lies on a very high altitude so during winters, it is freezing cold with temperatures going below 0°C. The winter temperature touches as low as minus 30 C. During summer the maximum temperature increases from 20 C to 38 C in July and August. The relative humidity is low and ranges from 31 to 64 percent.

June to August is the time which will make your trip to Leh perfectly entertaining

Getting There
» By Air : There is an airport at Leh, which is at a distance of 7 km from Leh. Regular flights operate between Leh and Delhi. Taxis are available in the airport to drive into the city. Jet Airways links Leh to Delhi with a daily flight and Indian Airlines/Alliance Air link Leh to Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu and Srinagar. From June to August, Alliance Air flights link Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar with Leh, capital of Ladakh, but the layer of cloud over Leh airport sometimes cause flights to be delayed or cancelled, in which case additional flights have to scheduled the next day.

» By Trains : The nearest railway station is Jammu at a distance of 739 kms. There are train services to Jammu from many different destinations of India. Taxis and buses are available at the airport to reach Leh.

» By Road : There are two overland routes to Leh­the roads from Srinagar and Manali. The Leh-Srinagar road is usually open from June to October, while the Leh-Manali route is open from July to September. The 434-km Srinagar-Leh road, which remains open for traffic from early June to November is the main land route to Ladakh. The most dramatic part of this road journey is the ascent up the 11,500 feet /3,505 m high Zoji-la. The J&K State Road Transport Corporation (J&KSRTC) operates regular Deluxe and Ordinary bus services between Srinagar and Leh on this route with an overnight halt at Kargil. Taxis, cars and jeeps are also available at Srinagar for the journey. Groups can charter deluxe and A-class buses for Leh, Kargil or Padum (Zanskar) from the J and K SRTC at Srinagar. Recently, the 473-km Manali-Leh road has been serving as the second land approach to Ladakh. The Manali - Leh road weaves in and out among the mighty snow-clad peaks of the Western Himalayas over a stretch of nearly 485 kms. The road is open from mid-July to mid-October every year, depending on weather conditions.

» Private Vehicles : You can contact us for this, as we are well established with an extensive number of cars and coaches (ranging from luxury to budget and between) for the tourists from all over.

Anchoring in Leh
Ritco ToursLeh is an outstanding destination which is visited by tourists from all over the world for various reasons. Even the rough weather conditions throught the year never intimidate the tourists to visit the place. The tourists dont find the accessibility to the city cumbersome. The snow falls here extends a great treat to our eyes. The most popular and most frequent mode of transport is by road and trekking. Leh owns an airport (7 km), in order to provide frequent services to the travellers. The passengers who come by rails, Jammu is the nearest railway station and from there one can hire taxi or a bus to reach Leh. The public transport is accessible with basic amenities. One may also carry the elementary things that one might need during the course of the trip.

So if you are looking for comfort and convenience book with us as we are always ready with are wide range of cars and coaches to make your journey within and around the city memorable and one of its kind. You can contact us either at the time you plan your trip or at the Leh airport or the Jammu railway station once you reach there. We would be more than happy to make your visit cherishable for a lifetime.

Accommodation options are available in plenty at Leh. There are several hotels and guesthouses that mostly open in the peak season from June to mid August. Budget lodging is available in three main areas- the Old Town, Fort Road and Changspa.

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