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khajuraho and orchha temples

A Rendezvous With Khajuraho and Orcha
Ritco ToursKhajuraho, renowned for its stone carved temples, is located in the beautiful forested plains of Madhya Pradesh in the central Indian state. The exquisite and the medieval art of Khajuraho attracts innumerable visitors to it every year. The highlight of the Khajuraho temples is that they depict the erotic feelings and the Kama (pleasure) mudras (positions)thus demonstrating a powerful amalgam of the visual and sensual pleasures. It was built by the Chandela rulers of that time. Chandelas were also believers in the powers of Tantrism; the cult which believes that the gratification of earthly desires is a step closer to the attainment of the infinite. It is certain however, that the temples of Khajuraho represent the expression of a highly matured civilization and today are the most important tourist destinations in the art and culture tour of India. One can visit Orcha from here which lies at a distance of 170 kms from Khajuraho and is famous for magnificent temples and monuments which are delight to see!

Things You Can Do in Khajuraho and Orcha
» Sightseeing : The majestic sights of Khajuraho certainly cannot be missed. The ancient and unique architecture, the exotic stone sculptures in the temples of Khajuraho are just spellbinding. On the other hand the medieval structures of Orcha will leave you awestruck.

» Shopping : You can buy some souvenirs from the local market.

Sightseeing in Khajuraho and Orcha
Ritco Tours» Lakshmana temple : This temple is one of the oldest temples of Khajuraho. The big temple has four shrines attached to it. The themes depicted in the temple walls are battles, hunting, and women in different postures.

» Devi Jagdamba temple : Jagdamba is considered as one of the most erotic temples of Khajuraho. The temple houses Khajuraho's best known image of mithuna. The temple also has many sensuously carved figures.

» Vishvanath and Nandi temple : This temple celebrates the marriage of Lord Shiva with Parvati. The main attraction of this temple are wall carvings depicting women in various postures. From traditional images of women fondling babies to writing letters, the images are very erotic in nature.

» Chaunsat Yogini temple : This temple is the oldest of the surviving temples of Khajuraho. The deity worshipped is goddess Kali. This is the only temple of Khajuraho built in granite.

» Parsvanath temple : This is the largest of the Jain temples in Khajuraho and also one of the finest. The temple was originally dedicated to Adinath and latter to Parsvanath. The art forms of the temple are sensitive but without any sexual motifs.

» Orcha Fort Complex : Located in an island on river Betwa, there are a number of palaces to visit within the fort complex. A four-arched bridge leads to the fort complex on the island. The architecture of the fort is impressive. Jahangir Mahal is the most important monument of the fort built by Bir Singh Deo.

» Shahid Smarak : Shahid Smarak commemorates the martyrdom of Chandrashekhar Azad, the great freedom fighter of India. The place is very neatly kept and attracts tourists in large numbers.

Excursion from Khajuraho and Orcha
Ritco ToursIf one has extra time on hand and wishes to extend the Khajuraho tour then there are beautiful places around Khajuraho that can be visited like Panna National Park (32 km away), Raneh Falls ( 19 kms ) , Ken Nature Trail ( 22 km ), Ken Gharial Sanctuary(24 kms), Banisagar lake(11 kms) and Ranguan lake(25 kms).

Orcha is also surrounded by picturesque spots that can be added to the visit to increase the excitement. Jhansi, Chitrakoot and Barua Sagar are some of these places.

Most Ideal Time to Visit
Both Khajuraho and Orcha experience an extreme type of climate with hot summers and chilly winters. The temperature rises up to 47°C during summers and becomes as low as 4°C during winters. The monsoon heralds in the month of July and lasts until September. The annual average rainfall has been recorded as 114 cm approx. Looking at the climatic condition here the best time to travel to these places is October to March.

Getting There
» By Air : Indian airlines flies to Khajuraho thrice a week from Delhi via Agra and Varanasi. Jet airways connect Khajuraho to Mumbai via Delhi and Varanasi. To travel to Orcha also, a flight to Khajuraho would be the best option. One can take a bus or taxi to Orcha from the Khajuraho airport.

» By Trains : The nearest rail heads from Khajuraho are Harpalpur (94 km) and Mahoba (63 km). As regards Orcha, the nearest railhead is Jhansi at a distance of 18 kms. Jhansi is located on the main Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai railway route.One can easily reach Orcha from Jhansi by bus or taxi.

» By Road : There are bus services to Khajuraho from Panna, Satna, Chattarpur, Jabalpur, Mahoba, Bhopal, Gwalior and Indore. Buses also operate between Orcha and few other destinations of Madhya Pradesh. From Jhansi, there are regular buses to the place.

» Private Vehicles : You can contact us for this, as we are well established with an extensive number of cars and coaches (ranging from luxury to budget and between) for the tourists from all over.

Anchoring in Khajuraho and Orcha
Ritco ToursKhajuraho is an ancient town famous for the stone carved temples depicting various human moods and feelings. These temples are visited by tourists from all over the world for their overwhelming charm and beauty. Khajuraho is a delightful destination.Once you reach the city, the local public transport will enable you to move around in the city. There are cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws and tour taxis available for the comfortable journey of the tourists.

For the luxury of being escorted in the city comfortably and at reasonable rates, then, contact us at the time of planning your visit. We with are wide range of cars and coaches will be at your service and make your visit memorable.

Orcha is a remote destination that lies at a distance of 170 kms from Khajuraho. It is accessible from various parts of the country and is visited for its magnificent monuments and temples. If one comes by air then Khajuraho is the nearest airport from where taxis and buses can be hired and if one reaches by rail then Jhansi is the nearest railway station from where buses and taxis can be hired. The local transport system is also well developed. The utmost convenience and comfort at your service is also brought to you by our fleet of cars and coaches and ensure that your tour in and around the place is cherishable. To avail our services you can book with us at the time of planning tour to Orcha.

The accommodation available in Khajuraho and Orcha range from five star to economy class depending upon the travelers' needs and budget. The hotels provide the best staying facilities apart from rendering efficient personalised services and hospitality. Hotel Sheesh Mahal is a prominent hotel in Orcha. Orcha Resort is the only five-star hotel of the town.

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