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kanha national park

A Few Must Know Facts
Ritco Tours» Area : Kanha National Park is spread along an area of 1,940 sq-km.

» Climate : Summers are hot and humid with a maximum and minimum temperature of 40.6°C and 23.9°C. Winters are pleasant with an average maximum and minimum temperature of 23.9°C and 11.1°C, respectively. The annual average rainfall is 152 cm.

» When to Visit : The best time to visit the park is from the months of April to June and November to January.

» Nearest Access : Mandla (95 km) is the nearest place from Kanha.

A Rendezvous With Kanha
Known for its dense tiger population, Kanha National Park in the state of Madhya Pradesh is one most ideal place to view tigers in their natural habitats. This is the right place for those who are desperately looking for tigers. The park is located between the Banjar and Halon valleys in the Mandla / Balaghat districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This was the place which inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the most famous "The Jungle Book". This Kipling country is home to numerous other wildlife species apart from the elusive tigers. The central Kanha valley was declared a sanctuary way back in the year 1933 but was been given the status of a National Park in the year 1955.

Sightseeing in Kanha National Park
» The Flora : The forests of Kanha consists of Bija, Haldu, Dhaora trees. The forest is also covered by Sal, Ban-rahar, Bamboo and Sindhur.

» The Fauna : An encounter with tigers is a must at Kanha. Besides, you will meet Leopards, Gaur, Sambar, Chausinghas, Barasingha, Nilgais, Sloth Bears, Barking Deer, Swamp Deer (Barasingha), Black buck, Langurs, Wild Boars, Porcupines, Mouse Deer, Hyenas, Jackals, Wild Dogs (Dholes), Gray Langurs, Mongoose, Jungle Cat, Chittal and Wild Pig in the park.

» The Avi-fauna : Kanha has over 300 different species of birds within its complex. Some of the more interesting birds you will find here are - Pied or Marsh Harriers, Shovelers, Peafowls, Indian Rollers, Nightjars, Crested Serpent Eagles, Crested Honey Buzzards, Yellow Wattled Lapwings, Green Bee-eaters, Scavenger Vultures, Long Billed Vultures, White Necked Storks, Lesser Adjutant Storks, White breasted Kingfishers, Pied Kingfishers, Egrets, Cormorants, etc.In addition to birds and mammals, you can also see numerous Monitor Lizards, Pythons and a large variety of other snakes.

The Park Trip
Ritco ToursExplore the park in a Jeep or take an Elephant ride. The elephant ride will provide you an enthralling experience.

Bamni Dadar, located near the park, is visited by every tourist who comes to the national park. This place is also known as the sunset point. There are several other excursion points that you can visit from Kanha. The city of Nagpur, famous for its orange orchards makes an ideal day or weekend destination from Kanha. Moreover, you can also visit Jabalpur, a small city famous for important historical monuments and archaeological findings. The nearest attractions are Kanha Museum, Bahmnidadar, Bishanpura, Sondhar, Ghorella and Shravantal areas which will add some special punch to your wildlife India tour.

Getting There
» By Air : Though the nearest airport is at Jabalpur, 170 km, it does not have regular air services. Raipur and Nagpur, 270 km are the other alternatives with regular flights.

» By Rail : Jabalpur (175 km), however, is the most convenient railhead with services from many parts of the country.

» By Road : Kanha National Park is connected by road with Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Nagpur, Mukki, Raipur. From Jabalpur, the road to Kanha goes via Mandla (95 km), which is also the headquarters for the park administration.

» Private Vehicles : Book with us for a comfortable journey to the park by luxurious cars & coaches. Our fleet of vehicles functional all over India will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Anchoring in Kanha
Ritco ToursKanha National Park is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is the home of tigers who live here in their natural habitat. People from all over the country come here to see the tiger along with various species of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Kanha is a small place and is perched away in the interiors of Madhya Pradesh. The nearest railway station is in Jabalpur which is 175 km away. Thus in order to reach Kanha one has to rely on road transportation facility like taxis and buses.

We are here to make your tour to Kanha national park memorable. we have an extremely reliable system of transport comprising of a fleet of cars and coaches. Once you book with us, it will be our duty to ensure that your trip from the nearest railhead to Kanha and within and around Kanha is hassle free and devoid of any problems.

There are MPSTDC log huts near the park. In addition to the log huts, there are other jungle rest houses and cabins, at Khatia, Mukki and Kisli. Khatia and Mukki have a number of privately owned resorts and hotels as well, in various ranges.

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