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A Rendezvous With Goa ?
Ritco ToursGoa is the smallest state of India and also the most visited one. Sandwiched between the large states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Goa falls on the western coastline of India. As such, the tiny state has some of the finest beaches of India. And to make beach holidays most memorable and comfortable, a number of exotic beach resorts also dot the magnificent beaches. But beaches are not the only attraction of Goa. The state also houses many legacies of the Portuguese period. Enjoying pleasant climate throughout the year, the weather of Goa gives a great boost to her tourism.

Things You Can Do in Goa ?
» Sightseeing : The main attractions of Goa are its picturesque beaches, exotic resorts, the carnival of Goa and the many Portuguese monuments dotting the landscape of the place.

» Shopping : The local handicrafts of Goa that include brass ware, terracotta, shell work, carved furniture and bamboo work are the best buys of the place. They are easily available in all the tourist places of Goa.

» Eating-out : As food is virtually a religion in Goa, the place has thousands of restaurants that serve delicious Goan cuisine. Seafood, the staple diet of Goa is also very popular among tourists.

» Adventure Water Sports : Goa will allow you to frolic with water as much as you want. With immense number of water sports facilities, this is the best destination for the water sports lovers. Come to Goa and indulge in snorkeling, wind surfing, water scooter riding, etc. and make the most out of your tour.

Sightseeing in Goa ?
» Goa Beaches : The picturesque beaches of Goa are the state's best attraction. While some of the beaches offer the tourist a serene ambience, some are very popular for water sports and other beach activities. In fact, the scenic beaches offer many options to tourists.The picturesque beaches include Baga, Varca, Candolim, Majorda, Colva, Calangute and Anjuna beaches.

» Goa Cities : The cities of Goa are famous and have their own charm and style. The Goan cities still carry the legacies the Portuguese left years ago. The blend of Portuguese and Hindu culture have given birth to a unique Goan culture, which can be found in Goa's every nook and corner. The cities of Goa are worth visiting for their lively lifestyle, and tasteful surroundings, which are distinct to Goa.

» Goa Monuments : Goa has numerous things to pride in. Among the many attractions which it houses are the monuments, belonging to various periods. The most prominent of all the monuments are the churches built during the Portuguese era. Temple can be found only in Old Goa. Some of the most popular monuments are - Church of St.Augustine, The Viceroy's Arch, The Pillory, Palace of Adil Shah, The Church of Carmelites and the Chapel of St. Catherine, which must be visited.

Ritco Tours» Goa Carnival : The carnival of Goa attracts people from all walks of life. In the month of February, a festive atmosphere envelops Goa as the three day carnival begins. A time for great fun and frolic, colorful processions, music and dance are an integral part of the festivities. In Goa's case, size does not matter. In spite of being the country's smallest state, Goa attracts some of the largest number of tourists.

» Goa Nightlife : Goan nightlife is exciting with various ways to liven up the evening where it is not unusual to find families out for a night of merriment. In certain areas, almost every third house has a bar-cum-restaurant with just a room in the house that has been opened to the public with a couple of chairs and a table. These places serve exquisite seafood and other Goan delicacies and have well stocked bars. The other places that can be visited are Titos, which are right on the beach and 'the Beachotheque' where you can dance the night away.

Excursion from Goa ?
The state of Goa is surrounded by the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. If your time schedule allows then you can extend your tour and visit the destinations in the neighboring states. In the state of Karnataka, the most captivating destinations are Bijapur, Mysore, Hampi, Hassan, Bangalore etc. On the other hand, in the state of Maharashtra there are interesting places like Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri and Sangli, etc. All the destinations have their own charm and showcases some of the most spectacular views of the world.

Most Ideal Time to Visit Goa ?
Goa has a moderate temperature showing negligible variations in different seasons. May is the hottest month while January and February are the coldest. There is a prevalence of tropical weather rest of the year. Southwest Monsoon brings rain in Goa between June and September. July is the month that receives maximum rainfall while February gets least amount of rain.
» Rainfall : (July To End September) (26 inches)

» Winter : (Late November To Mid-February) (Min. 3° C - Max. 11° C)

» Summer : (Mid-March To End Of June) (Min. 25° C - Max. 45° C)

Go Goa during the winters to make the tour absolutely thrilling.

Getting There ?
Ritco Tours» By Air : The Dabolim airport on the outskirts of Goa's capital Panaji is the state's major airport. Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Air Sahara connect Goa with Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Kozhikode, Pune and Agatti (Lakshadweep). Goa's Dabolim Airport is about 30 km from Panaji. It takes about one hour from Panaji to the airport. There are two arrival halls at the airport, one each for domestic and international flights. Taxis are easily available at the airport, hence commuting from there to other parts of Goa would not be of any problem.

» By Trains : Goa is connected to the rest of India through a well laid rail network. Madgaon or Margao is the most important railway station in Goa, followed by Vasco. There are also other popular, smaller stations on the new;y constructed Konkan Railway route. Konkan Railway runs on a single 760 km long coastal track, which cuts through Goa to connect Mumbai and Mangalore. The South Central Railways uses the old track, the terminus of which is at Vasco. Starting from Vasco, the track heads southward through Madgaon and slips out of Goa into Karnataka.

» By Road : Inter-state buses connect Goa with the neighboring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Panaji is connected by road to the main national highways crossing through Goa - 4A, 17, and 17A. Road distances from Panaji - Mumbai - 594 km, Belgaum - 157 km, Bangalore -632 km, Hospet - 315 km, Mangalore - 371 km Mysore - 677 km, Pune - 471 km, Ratnagiri - 263 km. The new and upgraded NH 17 connects Mumbai to Goa. From Bandra (mumbai) to Margao (Goa) takes approximately 10 hours by road. The state owned Kadamba Transport Corporation, Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation operate frequent services between Goa and various destinations within the neighboring states. There are several private bus operators too who provide frequent bus services between Goa and other nearby destinations.

» Private Vehicles : You can contact us for this, as we are well established with an extensive number of cars and coaches (ranging from luxury to budget and between) for the tourists from all over.

Anchoring in Goa ?
Goa is one state that has been preserved in its pristine form where the treasures of its natural beauty and splendour magnetise tourists from all parts of the world. The state is more or less the same as it used to be in the Portuguese era with same old Portuguese houses, spick and span beaches and old lush green trees which impart it, a unique charm, one that is rare to find anywhere else in the country. More and more people from all parts of the globe visit Goa each year to become a part of the grand Christmas and new year celebrations.

Goa is accessible via all major means of transport. It is well connected by air, rail and roads from various parts of the country. There are various means of public transport in the state including taxis, bike and auto rickshaws which can be hired to tour to Goa. Besides these, there are state transport buses known as "Kadambas" which offer a decent service to the travellers. To travel from one place to another within Goa one can opt for flat bottom ferries which will make your travelling easy and fun filled.

If in case you find the common transport services at any place is not so convincing, one can always book with us to make the tour more luxurious and relaxing. Our well equipped vehicles and our personalized services will definitely make your Goa tour most entertaining.

Accommodations ?
Goa has plenty of accommodation options for all categories of people. But the exotic beach resorts offer a great time.

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