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cuisine of india

North Indian Food
Ritco ToursA typical North-Indian meal would consist of chapatis or rotis (unleavened bread baked on a griddle) or paranthas (unleavened bread fried on a griddle), rice and an assortment of sumptuous supplements like dal, fried vegetables, curries, curd, chutney, and pickles. North Indian desserts are appetizing milk-based pudding or rice base and are usually soaked in syrup. Kheer or rice pudding, Shahi Tukra or bread pudding and kulfi, a nutty ice cream are other common desserts.

South Indian Food
South Indian food is basically non-greasy, roasted and steamed - great option for those who like the Continental cuisines. Rice forms the basic item of every meal. It is complimented with sambhar, rasam (a thin soup), dry and curried vegetables and a curd preparation called pachadi. Coconut is an important ingredient in all South Indian food. South Indian dishes are generally cooked in coconut oil. The South Indian dosa (rice pancakes), idli (steamed rice cakes) and vada, which is made of fermented rice and dal, are popular throughout the country. The popular dishes from Kerala are appams (a rice pancake) and thick stews. Desserts from the South include the Mysore pak and the creamy payasum.

West Indian Food
The cuisines of Gujarat are spicy and a feast for those who love the salty flavor. Most of the items are made of gram flour (besan). Culinary in Goa has rice, fish and feni (a fermented alcoholic beverage) as the must-items. Goa's mouth-watering seafood draws throngs of tourists from across the nation. Here too, dessert items are made of besan (gram flour).

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East Indian Food
Rice and fish are synonymous with any Bengali meal. In addition, there are vegetables (mostly green), dal, chutney, doi (curd), anchaar (pickle), salad and pappad. Roties are not very popular. Luchi (puri or small deep fried chapaties) are another favorite of this region. The non-veg items includes - fish, meat, eggs cooked. Coconut is also used in various dishes. In the state of Bihar, both rice and roties are consumed by the people with fried vegetables, dal, curd, anchaar, salad, etc. Littis, sattoo ka paratha, aloo ka paratha (all wheat based) are the favorites here.

Northeast Indian Food
Northeast Indian food has great similarity to South-East Asian cuisines, especially Chinese and Tibetan. Non-veg items abound in their meals and use of minimum oil and spices make their cuisines extremely nutritious, healthy and of course unique feast to the taste buds.

Non Veg in India
Meat, fish and eggs are the dominant non-veg items here in India. But every region has its typical and exclusive recipe for preparing these and the dishes look excitingly different and each tastes as delicious as the other.

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Bengali Sweets
For dessert one could choose from the wide array of sweetmeats from Bengal like rosogolla, sondesh, rosomolai, chaanar payesh and langcha.Besides, you will find ladoos and burfis everywhere.

Snacks include - samosa, various types of pakoras (cutlets), chaats, namkeens, fried items (mostly deep fried vegetable like potatoes, etc.), noodles, paw bhaji, bhel puri, golgappas (pani puri) and so on.

Tea (black tea, milk tea, lemon tea, masala tea, herbal tea) is most common. Coffee is mostly taken by the south Indians.

Nimboo pani (lemon water with sugar and/or salt) is most common and most liked by the Indians. It is cheaper than any other drink. Fruit Juices, coconut water are also available.

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Alcohol is not very common in India. In fact, people from respectable families generally do not consume alcohol. It is mostly consumed by the people residing in the high altitude areas like - J&K, northeast India, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, etc. to combat the cold climate.

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