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corbett national park

A Few Must-Know Facts
Ritco Tours» Area : Corbett National Park covers an area of 1300 sq.km (807.8 sq.miles) in the Himalayan foothills with open grasslands, sal and riverine forests and the beautiful Ramganga river flowing through the entire length of the park.

» Climate : Temperature in winters can go down to 4 degree centigrade. But summers are very hot as temperatures could reach a high of 44 degree centigrade. The park receives an average annual rainfall of 1400mm - 2800mm

» When to Visit : The park remains open from November 15 to June 15.

» Nearest Town : Ramnagar is the nearest town from Corbett National Park at a distance of 50 kms.

A Rendezvous With Corbett
Corbett National Park is located in the Ramganga river valley in the state of Uttranchal. Conceptualized in 1936, Corbett is India's first national park and tiger reserve. The park is renowned for its wildlife population of Tigers, Leopards and Elephants. The park also has a diverse topography. Located at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Corbett is home to about 110 tree species, 50 mammal species, 600 bird species and 25 reptile species. Animal sightings inside the park are frequent, except for the tigers. To spot the big cat, patience and some expert tracking shall be beneficial.

The park is named after late Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter turned author, photographer and conservationist. Corbett spent most of his years in this area and contributed in shaping the park. With the help of the World Wildlife Fund, Project Tiger was launched in Corbett National Park in the year 1973 and this park was one of the first such parks to come under the project.

Sightseeing in Corbett
» The Flora : A rich variety of flora could sighted at Corbett. The lower area is mainly covered by the Sal trees. The higher lands have a larger variety of plants and trees including Khair, Sissoo, Ber, Bel and Kuthber. In the interiors, you will find Chir, Anauri and Bakli. Apart from these, many different varieties of bamboo are also found.

Ritco Tours» The Fauna : Tigers and elephants are the main attractions of the park. In addition you will also come across Leopards / Panthers, Jungle cats, Fishing Cats, Leopard cats, Himalayan black bears, Sloth bears, Deers, Hog deer, Barking deer, Ghorals, Wild Boars, Pangolins, Jackals, Martens, Dholes, Civets, Mongooses, Otters, Hares, Porcupines, Chital (spotted deer), Sambar deer, Macaques, Langurs and Blue Bulls (Nilgais). Corbett is also the safe habitat of many reptile species like Crocodile, King Cobra, Common Krait, Russel Viper, Python and the Monitor Lizard.

» The Avifauna : The park is home to almost 600 bird species. Herons, Darters, Cormorants, Lapwings, Paradise Flycatchers, Munias, Weaver birds, Fishing eagles, Serpent eagles, Spotted Eagles, Black throated Payas, Mynas, Jungle Fowl, Vultures, Kingfishers, migrant Gulls, Moorhens, Ducks, Geese, Parakeets, Owls, Wagtails, Black winged Kits, Drongos, Chir Pheasants, Kalij Pheasants, Grebes, Harriers, Ospreys, Minivets, Babblers, Hornbills, falcons, Stone Curlews are some of the birds you might find here.

The Park Trip
Go for either Elephant Safari or Jeep Safari. Jeeps Safari is the most convenient and comfortable way to travel within Corbett National Park. But Elephant Safari will make your park trip more enthralling.

Excursions from Corbett
Ramnagar is one place you should not miss. You might get to do several things here like - fishing base camp, angling, etc. Lohachaur (15 km) is a good place for anglers. The comely Nainital is not too far from here.Nainital will surely add special zing to your trip to India.

Getting There
» By Trains : Ramnagar at a distance of 51 km from the park, is on the broad gauge track from where the road transport options have to be availed to reach the park. For faster trains and connections to other parts of India change at Moradabad.

» By Road : Road is the most preferred mode of transport to the park. Ramnagar, the nearest big town at a distance of 50 kms from the park is served by frequent buses coming from Nainital and Ranikhet, 112 km north. Delhi Transport Corporation also runs semi deluxe services. Regular state transport buses also ply directly from Delhi, Haldwani and Moradabad to Ramnagar. A local bus service is available at Ramnagar to the gates of the park. From Dhikala (the main tourist area), Delhi is 294 km and Lucknow is 345 km.There is also a regular bus service that takes visitors to Dhikala every evening and returns to Ramnagar the next morning. Bijrani, the closer access to the park is 9 km away from Ramnagar. Tourists also get the option of hiring jeeps, taxis and vans at Ramnagar. Even personal vehicles are allowed inside the park with the prior permission of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam (KMVN). Their offices are at Delhi, Nainital and within the park complex.

Anchoring In Corbett
Ritco ToursCorbett is located in a remote destination, far from the busy life of the city. Before commencing a trip to Corbett, one indeed requires a good amount of patience. To explore the park you need to book yourself with Jeep Safaris or Elephant Safaris, which are the alpha means to move in and around the park. Besides, to have a more fulfilling Corbett trip, visitors can keep note of certain basic things. Vehicles should be driven very slowly inside the park and the visitors should try to beat out abdicable noise.If tourists need to disembark from their vehicles, prior permission from their travel guide should be taken. To improve chances of spotting animals, visitors should wear light clothes or camouflage uniforms. Bright lights distract many animals. Smoking and drinking inside the wildlife sanctuaries is prohibited. Visitors should also be careful not to light fire inside the park.

It is always better to arrange your trip to Corbett with an experienced tour operator. And there is no better option than our services. We have been operating Corbett trips successfully since the past many years. You shall be taken in a luxury cab from your place of stay to the park. You shall be accompanied by our expert guides providing threadbare information on every aspect of the park. Just enjoy the thrill of spotting wildlife and leave all other worries to us.

You can find some superb accommodations near Ramnagar, offering immense scope to the tourists to relax after a day long trip. These also prove to be an ideal for all types of tourists coming to the Corbett National Park. A range of tourist accommodation is available at Corbett's main campsite in Dhikala, which includes three-room cabins, forest rest houses, huts, tents and log hut dormitories. In addition, Forest Rest houses at Khinanauli, Sarpduli, Gairal, Sultan, Bijrani, Malani, Kanda, Dhela and Jhirna are also available.

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