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Beaches in India

Along the long coastline of India are many beautiful beaches that attract tourists from both India and abroad. From the tourism point of view, Goa has the most number of beaches that attract tourists. Southern state of Kerala also has a number of picturesque beaches. The beaches of Tamil Nadu are also popular. In fact, Chennai's Marina beach is the second longest beach in the world. The beaches of Orissa are also visited by tourists in large numbers. Here, we shall briefly discuss the prominent beaches of Kerala and Goa.

Kerala Beaches :
Ritco Tours» Varkala Beach - Varkala is located at a distance of 54 kms from Kerala's capital city of Trivandrum. It is said that Varkala provides one of the best sunset views anywhere in the world. The Varkala shore is also known as 'Papanashini'. Legend has it that a dip in the Varkala waters cleanses people of all their sins. Vendors in their small stalls selling a wide variety of decorative items, mainly conch shells and beads further adds colour to the place. A picturesque beach with an element of spirituality, a visit to Varkala is sure to refresh the mind and soul.

» Kovalam Beach - Along the 600 kilometre length of the Kerala coast, there are numerous big and small beaches, but Kovalam stands apart from the others for its breathtaking beauty, sunset cruises and water sports. At a small distance of 16 kms from Kerala's capital Trivandrum, the beach is well visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. Visitors also indulge in many fun activities at the beach which include swimming and sunbathing, kayaking, surfing, skiing, scuba diving, sailing, yatching and windsurfing. Those interested in angling can go in for deep sea fishing also. A few daredevils also go for parasailing at the sea.

» Alleppey (Alappuzha) Beach - Alleppey is another of Kerala's fine beaches. A beach with a serene ambience, Alleppey is most liked by tourists who want to cherish the natural beauty in quiet environs. Washed by the waters of Arabian sea, the long Alleppey Beach is dotted with thick palm groves giving a spectacular view to the visitor.

Goa Beaches :
» Baga Beach - Baga in Goa is the first choice of those who love to spend time amidst serenity. There are many palm trees standing very close to the edge of the water. The scenery of this beach is unspoiled and more varied.

Ritco Tours» Varca Beach - Varca is another quiet beach with a bountiful beauty of nature. Soft white sandy Varca lies on the southern coastline of Goa by the side of the Arabian sea. Comparable to the other beaches of Goa, Varca is a cleaner and quieter beach. Like Baga, Varca is also preferred by those who want to spend time in quiet environs away from the crowd.

» Candolim Beach - Charming Candolim is a canvas of quite a few bright shades. An unknown beach till a few years back, Candolim now draws tourists in large numbers. A straight beach without the perennial beach curves, the scrub-covered dunes of this white sandy beach enhances its beauty further. At the very end of seven kilometre long white sandy Candolim is The Aguda Fort- Goa's best preserved Portuguese legacy.

» Colva Beach - Spreading over a distance of 20 kms, Colva is Goa's longest beach. The virgin white powder sands coupled with tall palm trees makes Colva one of the most picturesque beaches of Goa. Of all the Goa beaches, the nightlife of Colva is regarded the most livelier. The most happening night spots of Colva remain open till late at night Eating, drinking and dancing are regular features of Colva nightlife.

» Calangute Beach - Calangute is Goa's most commercialized beach. Calangute may be termed as Goa's flagship beach projected by the tourism department to the world to attract outside tourists. Calangute today symbolizes Goa's reputation of being a haven for beach holiday.

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