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bandipur national park

The Facts You Should Know
Ritco Tours» Area : The national park is spread out in an area of 874.20 sq-km.

» Climate : Bandipur National Park lies in the region which is warm and comfortable for most parts of the year with temperatures ranging from 24 C to 28° C, except for the brief winter that lasts from October to January when the temperature hovers around the 19°C mark. Monsoon is erratic and it generally rains from the month of June to September and the average rainfall is 1000 mm.

» When to Visit : The best time to visit the park is between the months of March to the month of August.

» Nearest Access : Gundulpet is the nearest destination from bandipur and lies at a distance of 20 km.

A Rendezvous With Bandipur
Set amidst serene atmosphere, the Bandipur National Park in the south Indian state of Karnataka is a paradise for the wildlife lovers. Meet the wild animals and beautiful birds in their natural habitats. Established in 1931 by the Mysore Maharajas, this Bandipur park is cradled in the foothills of the Nilgiri. In 1973, Bandipur National Park became one of India's first Tiger Reserves and the southernmost of the nine reserves specially formed under Project Tiger. In the year 1974, the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a National Park.

Sightseeing in Bandipur National Park
» The Flora : The flora of the region consist of - teaks, rosewoods, honnes, mathis, bamboos and sandalwoods. The eastern part is dominated by scrubby jungles which consists of trees, intermixed with bushes and open grassy belts. As you move towards northwestern fringes, there is a gradual shift in the vegetation, from open dry deciduous jungles to tropical mixed deciduous jungles to evergreen forests.

» The Fauna : The elephants and the majestic gaurs are generally found roaming all around in the grassland areas. The various mammals found here are Bonner Macaque Nilgiri Langur (adjoining areas) Dhole, Smooth-coated Otter Common Palm Civet Stripe-necked Mongoose , Jungle Cat Tiger, Wild Boar Chital Gaur, Indian Palm Squirrel, Grizzled Indian Squirrel, Golden Jackal Sloth Bear, Indian Grey Mongoose, Striped Hyaena, Ratel Indian Spotted Chevrotain Sambar, Nilgiri Tahr, (adjoining areas) Indian Porcupine, Hanuman Langur, Bengal Fox, Eurasian Otter, Small Indian Civet, Leopard Cat, Leopard, Indian Elephant, Indian Pangolin, Indian Hare, Red Giant Flying squirrel and Indian Giant Squirrel. Besides, there are birds and other wildlife species which gives this park a unique look.

The Park Trip
Ritco ToursBandipur is best visited on an elephant. Take an elephant ride and meet the exotic lifestyle of the wildlife reserve.

Nagarhole, Madumulai and Wayanad National parks all lie in the vicinity of Bandipur forest. A reservoir and a dam that separates Bandipur from Nagarhole reserve is an interesting place as well.

One can even travel to Ooty, Mysore, Madumalai (14 km) and Hassan if one has good enough time in hand.

Getting There
» By Rail : Mysore (65 km) is the nearest railhead from the park which is a broad guage and Ooty is the other railway station which is narrow guage.

» By Road : The park can be reached from any part of Karnataka and the neighboring states via road. The park is 65 km from Mysore, on the road to Udhagamandalam(Ooty). The other route is from Coimbatore, 160 km, and from there via Udhagamandalam(Ooty) by road.

» Private Vehicles : You can contact us for this, as we are well established with an extensive number of cars and coaches (ranging from luxury to budget and between) for the tourists from all over.

Anchoring In Bandipur
Ritco ToursBandipur National Park is located in the southern part of the country in the state of Karnataka. It is located in the foothills of the Nilgiri and since it lies close to the important cities like Mysore(65 km), Ooty, Coimbatore(160 km) etc it can be accessed from various parts of the country.

People who wish to travel by air can reach Bangalore airport which is 190 km from the park and is connected to all the major cities of India by air. People who wish to travel by rail can either reach Mysore or Ooty railway station. Once you reach either the Bangalore airport or either of the rail heads mentioned above, you have to hire a taxi or a bus to reach the Bandipur National park.

It is advisable to carry a medical kit with yourself for any sort of emergency.

Reaching the place is an experience filled with adventure and excitement. In this journey we are always ready with our fleet of cars and coaches to make your travelling comfortable, convenient, safe and above all enjoyable. You can book with us either at the time you plan to visit the park or when you either reach Bangalore airport or any of the nearest railway stations. Our aim is to ensure that your tour is as per your desires and more than your expectations.

Being close to many cities of Karnataka, there are good number of hotels you will find in & around the park. The accommodations ranges here are from luxurious to budget class. Besides, there are Forest Lodges, Cottages, Forest Rest Houses for those who are desirous of living near the park.

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